Vision of Food Science and Technology Faculty
 In 2020, the Faculty of Food Science and Technology will be among the most excellent research and technology transfer centers and provide well-trained and highly qualified students majoring in Food Technology in Vietnam.

Mission of Food Science and Technology Faculty
 The mission of Food Science and Technology Faculty is to provide progressive and effective programs in teaching, research, and extension which meet the needs of the citizens of southern Vietnam, and benefit the nation.

Educational Objectives of Food Science and Technology Faculty
• To provide a high quality workforce who master specialized knowledge and advanced techniques in the field of Food Technology, is able to apply professional competency in food technology to meet the demands of the national development, and to cope with the development of the region and the world;
• To build an advanced study program that meets international standards,  equivalent to ones offered by universities abroad in order to attract local and international students to study at Nong Lam university;
• To develop the FT program as a leading program contributing to the advancement of food technology in Vietnam and the region in terms of education and research.

Educational Philosophy

The FT faculty has chosen the Educational Philosophy of Constructivism for the FT program. This theory consists of two main principles:
1) The learning process only takes place when students actively learn;
2) Learners build their knowledge through practical experiences, and reflective analysis on those experiences.

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