The Advanced program in Food Technology

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, there are 23 Vietnamese universities cooperating with other universities in the world and have deployed 35 advanced programs. Most of the foreign partners are listed in the ranking of prestigious educational associations and organizations in the world.

In partnership with UC Davis, the Advanced program in Food Technology at NLU started the first cohort in 2008; until 2017, there have been 10 cohorts.

Concept of the program

Students are educated and trained in the best pedagogic environment. The courses are taught in English instead of Vietnamese. The curriculum and syllabi were built based on the undergraduate program in Food Science and Technology of University of California, Davis (UC Davis). Lecturers will be selected from NLU and other international universities and research institutes, who have distinguished teaching experience in higher education, already taught technical subjects in English, or graduated from countries using English as first language. Some courses will be taught by the UC Davis's professors.

The educational process is designed in accordance with the credit-based system. The graduation conditions obey the Regulation of Credit-based Academic System of NLU. Student have to pass all the required courses and to complete the necessary number of elective courses. The total course requirements are 144 credits; the cumulated grade point average must be ≥ 5.0 (1-10 point scale). The graduation practice and thesis are required courses, which also required a minimum grade point of 5.0.

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