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Cần tuyển: Teacher Of Testexpert

Mô Tả Công Việc

General Requirements

·                     TR must instruct all assigned classes for a specific course.  If the TR wants to end their contract they must complete all assigned classes in their current course.

·                     TR must remember to speak clearly and appear in an approachable, friendly manner.

·                     TR must be willing to accept random and unannounced observations of classes.

·                     TR must be available for occasional mandatory meetings with the AM or academic team.

·                     TR must complete occasional self-reflections of instruction.

·                     AM and Senior Teacher are available for guidance.

·                     Annual leave is outlined in section 1 of the Testexpert Employee Manual.

Note: Students can learn test preparation in numerous places around HCMC.  They come to Testexpert because we combine education and entertainment.

Pre-Class Requirements

·                     TR is required to arrive at least 1 hour before class begins to review and prepare material.  This hour is unpaid and is expected of the TR as all materials have been prepared and no outside preparation is required of the TR.

·                     All materials used in class must have the Testexpert logo [handouts, powerpoints, homework, etc.] Anything students receive from the TR must say Testexpert on the paper.  TR may create their own documents if:

·                     The documents are approved by the AM or Senior Teacher.

·                     The documents are on TE letterhead.

·                     All materials created by the TR and/or used in class are the property of Testexpert and can be used by other TRs internally.

·                     Any handouts the TR wishes to use in class must be submitted by 3pm the day of instructing (for a 6pm class) or the day before the beginning of class, either in person on Floor M of 51 Nguyen Cu Trinh or emailed to the appropriate staff member. 

·                     TR must follow guidelines of uniform as outlined in section 1 of the Testexpert Employee Manual. 

·                     Ensure all equipment is working in the classroom and TR is able to start class on time.

In-Class Requirements

·                     TRs will be required to give occasional homework to students.   Students must submit the homework to the FO.  The TR will have 1 week to correct the homework and submit to the FO.  The FO is responsible for returning homework to the students.

·                     No sitting during class / no leaning on the podium during class.  The TR must remain active and energetic.

·                     No USB drives are allowed to be used on any TE computer.  All files and information must be put on the TE/ILA cloud system.  All files must be located in the relevant files of the academic content folder of TE. G:HOTEAcademicContent

·                     TR must hand out the attendance list before the start of class and collect it 15 minutes after class starts.  Students arriving after 15 minutes are considering absent from class.

·                     TR must distribute feedback based on current regulations. 

Post-Class Requirements

When classes finished for the night, the TR must:

·                     Shut down the computer.

·                     Turn off the projectors, air conditioners, lights.

·                     Ensure the computer cabinet is locked.

·                     Return the computer cabinet key and class folder with attendance records to the FO.


·                     TRs will be required to submit questions of their specific skill to the final exam.  The TR is also responsible to correct their skill [portion of the test] within 2 weeks.  Corrected exams must be submitted to AM or Senior Teacher for review.

·                     Any additional responsible requests of the AM or Senior Teacher.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc:

·                     To work at ILA as a Teacher Of Testexpert you need:

·                     A University  Degree: this must be a 3 year bachelors or higher

·                     To be fluent in English  

·                     To have excellent communication skills [presentation and public speaking]

·                     To have excellent people skills

·                     To be able to build rapport with students easily

·                     To be charismatic, confident and outgoing

·                     To be comfortable  teaching with technology

Địa điểm làm việc: TP.HCM

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 31/07/2014

Xem chi tiết tại:


 2.                  Công ty TNHH Quốc Tế Daiwa Lance

Cần tuyển: Sales Assistant

Mô tả công việc:

·                     Making export - related documents

·                     More details will be discussed in the interview

Yêu Cầu Công Việc:

·                     Age: 22~35 years old

·                     University / college degree

·                     Honest, hard-working, be able to work independently.

·                     Fluent in English (if can speak Japanese, its better)

·                     Required skill(s): MS Excel, MS Office

Địa điểm làm việc: TP.HCM

Hạn nộp: 19/07/2014

Xem chi tiết tại: http://careerbuilder.vn/vi/tim-viec-lam/sales-assistant.35A8631E.html?s=rec

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